6.30 am – Express Spin
9.30 – Barbells
10.15 – Trainers Choice
5.00 pm – Spin
6.00 pm – Spin & Tone
7.30 pm – Trainers Choice
6.30 am – Spin & Tone
9.30 am – Trainers Choice
10.15 – Circuits
6.00 pm – TRX
7.00 pm – Spin
9.30 am – Spin & Tone
10.15 – Spin
5.30 pm – Spin & Tone
6.30 pm – Spin & Tone
7.30 pm – Trainers Choice
6.30 am – Spin & Tone
9.30 am – Trainers Choice
10.15 – Barbells
5.30 pm – Express Spin
6.00 pm – TRX
7.00 pm – 20:20:20
8.00 pm – HIIT
9.30 am – Circuits
17.45 pm – Spin & Tone
9.00 am – Circuits


10 x Class Passes = €70

Class Memberships Available. All Classes must be pre-booked. 

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Brief description of the Fitness Classes we offer in Catalyst

SPINNING – Spinning is ideal for people of all fitness levels and experience , The joy of spinning is that you are in control at all times using the resistance on your individual bike. Our experienced instructors will put you through your spaces , everything from slow and controlled to hill climbs , intervals and sprints they will encourage you to push and challenge yourself every step of the way to help you achieve your individual goals.

SPIN & TONE – This popular class combines all the elements of regular spin but also works on toning your upper and lower body by incorporating exercise using weights for the last 15 mins of the class.

TRX – This is also known as suspension training , This class will push you to new levels of strength using TRX suspension training bands and your own body weight. TRX uses body weight exercise which develops strength , balance , Flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

Barbells – The barbell class is a fitness class in which participants combine continuous cardiovascular activity with light to moderate weight training. The weight training is performed using a standard two – hand barbell with weight plates attached to both sides.

20:20:20 – This is a one hour class , This class gets it name from the amount of time spent doing different types of training. There could be a mix of Cradio , Toning , Spinning , abs. This class is certainly one to push you through your paces.

HIIT – ( High intensity interval training ) – This class will have you training very hard in bursts of effort , This is an effective workout in a short period of time.

Boxfit – This class is based on the methods used by boxers to keep fit , You will be pared with another member , you will wear boxing gloves and pads , This class will help you release your aggression which will help reduce your stress and improve concentration.

Circuits – Circuit training classes are those where there are a series of places set up for different exercises. … The class works by having a person on each station, doing a specific exercise for a set amount of time.

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