We have 2 dedicated fitness studio’s where we host a huge range of professional fitness classes.

Better still! We have sourced some of Cork’s best group fitness instructor’s and personal trainer’s to help your reach your  goals.

Choose from Spinning,TRX Suspension Training, Kettle-Bells, Box-Fit, Women’s Circuit’s and much much more …..


Spinning: This group exercise class has been around more than 25 years!! It has time and time again proven to be one of the biggest calories burning classes you can do. The beauty of spinning is that you control how hard or easy you go. When you feel like pushing it – don’t let us stop you and when you feel like taking it easy (just for a second though) we don’t mind that either.

TRX Suspension Training: Suspension Training has been around a long long time in the form of Olympic Rings where you can find gymnasts displaying amazing feats physical strength, balance and flexibility. From this grew TRX Suspension Training back in 2004 when a Navy Seal developed a way of training using your own body-weight but requiring a very versatile and easy to carry piece of equipment. TRX has grown into a world wide phenomenon that has also taken over Ireland in the last 12 months! The class will work your entire body while engaging your core with every exercise. TRX is all core all the time!

Kettle-Bells: Kettle-Bell training has been around since roman times believe it or not but they came back on the scene in the last 10 years or so with the Russian Kettle-Bell Program of the RKC. This has spilled out into mainstream gyms and you can now learn to Swing, Snatch,Rack,Clean,Squat and Press like the best of them! A Kettle-Bell is like a cannon ball with a handle attached that uses some unique exercise to help you tone and burn fat at the same time all while increasing your metabolic rate!